Monday, April 4, 2011

Cartoon exhibition

Cartoon exhibition Greed vs Nature A cartoon exhibition in regard to the film 'Gangaputrulu' was held at Marriot Hotel in Hyderabad on Monday, the 14th March. D Suresh Babu was the chief guest of this exhibition. Other prominent guests were Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Relangi Narasimha Rao, director Sunil Kumar Reddy, producers Basireddy and Ravindra Babu and many artists who were part of the film. Addressing the gathering D Suresh Babu said, "Sunil Kumar Reddy is one director who maintains a special image in Telugu film industry. He always tries to take films with universal subjects. He portrays exactly what he visualizes. Likewise in this movie also he tried to showcase how the environment is being damaged due to people. I would definitely give my full support to him whenever he requires." Director Sunil Kumar Reddy said, "We held the cartoon contest with the title 'Greed v/s Nature' which aptly suited the concept of this film. We got around 600 entries from 27 countries. We cut short the list to 400 and further chose 200 cartoons from them for this exhibition. These cartoons depict how the humans are harming the environment. Although the theme of 'Gangaputrulu' is serious we designed it in an entertaining manner. Our previous film 'Sontha Vooru' won 4 Nandi awards and was also screened at several international film festivals. We are releasing this film on March 25th." 'Gangaputrulu' starring Subba Raju, Gayatri, Rao Ramesh, LB Sriram and others was directed by P Sunil Kumar Reddy. The film was jointly produced by Kishori Basireddy and Yekkali Ravindra Babu under KBR Productions and Sravya Films banner. With music by Praveen Immadi, this off beat film is all set to hit screens on March 25th.

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