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My interview in Fenamizah Magazine

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for my interview published along with  my cartoons in
Fenamizah  e – humour magazine, Turkey- Feb – 2013 issue
R Ö P O R T A J / I N T E R V İ E W : 7
by aziz yavuzdoğan

B V PANDURANGA RAO Indian cartoonist

What does a cartoon mean for you? What do you think about cartoon?
Cartoon is a humorous exaggerated drawing used as a tool for effective communication.
Cartooning is a visual Art of depicting a situation, an event , a thought with a touch of
humor .
Does your country appreciate your cartoons? Do you feel satisfied with the
interest towards your cartoons?
Yes. Our countrymen surely enjoy and appreciate a good cartoon. We have plenty of
publications from regional level to national level where cartoonists are part of the staff of
the Publications. As a hobby cartoonist I personally feel very much satisfied.
Cartooning is my passion and have achieved the recognition for my cartoons at national
and International level and a few cartoonist get the encouragement and opportunity to
reach this level and satisfaction.
Do you prefer to draw your cartoons in private or do you draw anywhere?
I draw cartoons privately at my Residence cum Office
Have you experienced any trouble because
of your cartoons? What happened?
So far so good, no trouble experienced. Surely, my cartoons have inspired many.
What humoristic similarities and differences are there between your country
and other countries?
In our country most of the News dailies and Magazines have appointed Cartoonists on
Regular basis. They need to comment ongoing political events at State and national
level. Mostly It is more satire than humoristic.We have some magazines publishing
humorous cartoons. Other Countries cartoons also are more or less similar when
you go thru the reputed News dailies. But there are plenty of publications dedicated to
humor and humorous cartoons. Cartoonists are also have the opportunity to express the
humorous ideas.
Do you think cartoons help to bond the cultural differences among countries?
Surely. I have been participating in the Inter National Cartoon Contests/ Exhibition for
the past 17 years with several awards and recognition to my cartoons by various countries.
This has brought me close to many not only as cartoonists but friends too. Over 30
Cartoon catalogues which I have recd from different countries where my Cartoon too are
published, gives me an opportunity to understand the way of life and culture of the
country depicted in cartoons. Gives me a feeling to appreciate and respect the other
If you happened to participate in a worldwide cartoon work with the best cartoonists,
what would you prefer to draw? Please describe.
Our country is a democratic country. We have different  Relegion , languazes, different
culture and we have freedom of speech freedom to to express. For any Govt. or Administration it’s not easy to manage such a ind of big populace. We, the Cartoonists try
to dig out the draw backs of the working system and show it to public and the Govt
thru healthy cartoons with a hope that the concerned look at it with sense of  humour
and act accordingly. When I am asked to participate in world wide
cartoon work with the other reputed cartoonists first I feel proud to participate. As
I would be representing my nation I would like to draw the cartoons of image building
of my country, humorously highlighting my countries cultural activities, education, Sports
Do you think a cartoonist must contribute to world peace with his/her art?
The art of Cartooning is an Art which is liked and enjoyed by everyone and can be easily
communicated, shared with others where the distance does not matter with the present
highly up graded technology. A cartoonist can speak thru his cartoons the abstract of the
situations or events. Keeping in view all these things the cartoonist must take the advantage
of Contributing to world Peace. The Cartoon Journalism can help solving the disputes
between the countries.There fore it becomes the duty of a good cartoonist
to contribute his mite to World Peace.
What do you think about the international cartoon contests? Please indicate your
Thanks to computer technology and the Internet facility. Good to know and come
across plenty of Inter national Cartoon Contests. Many countries organize with large
number of participation. Some countries seems to organize just for fun and
entertainment. No doubt the contest has been attracting the cartoonist from all over
the world. Some countries like Iran, Turkey,Serbia, Croatia , Portugal, Israel are doing a
great job. But some countries organizers seldom cares to respond the participants. Well,
the participant aspires to get the Prize or keep hopes his cartoon would get selected for
Exhibition/catalogue. With my experience of participating since 1995 and in over 70 such
inter national contests and I feel the organizers should at least reply to the
participants and inform individually about the status, result of the Contest. With all these,
I am lucky to find my cartoons published in 30 Cartoon Catalogues so far. This has got
entry in to reputed Limca Book of National Record.It is very good that these cartoon contests has helped to improve drawing skills, develop my ideas, creating enthusiasm and get satisfaction once my work gets recognized. Also it is a great to participate amongst great cartoonists and see their work in the Catalogues to look
for my own improvement. It is helping to come in contact of the other cartoonist on the
other side of the globe and share his views and ideas.
If you had to draw yourself from another cartoonist’s point of view, what humorous
details would you add to the cartoon?
It depends on the subject or the requirement.Just keep drawing the points of view of the
other cartoonist without straining myself with ideas.
Please write your thoughts and comments about FENAMİZAH magazine in few
Glad to come across this Magazine. Feel great to be part of the Magazine and happy
to see my little contribution and thanks for publishing my cartoons. It’s awesome with
full of cartoons on various subjects. Attractive lay out parted with categories. Most
important is your Magazine is able to draw the attention of world Cartoonists both
professional and amateurs. Nice to see the Magazine has been posted in various Blogs/web galleries.Thanks for inviting me for the Interview with questions.

Who is He ?
B V Panduranga Rao , 68 years of age is a cartoonist by Hobby. Over 7ooo cartoons have been published
in various News Dailies, Magazines, Technical Journals, In –house publications, Comics etc. He has participated in many National and Inter National Cartoon Contests. He has won over dozen of Prizes at State and National level and his cartoons have been selected over 30 times at International level
cartoon Contests Exhibitions and also printed in 29 cartoon Catalogues brought out from countries like
Korea, Israel, Serbia, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Taiwan,Cyprus, Brazil and India. His cartoons
were selected for exhibition at BD- 87at Switzerland.

He has also conducted One Man Show of Cartoons 41 times so far at various places of the Country. A
National record.

All these achievements have been entered as National Record in prestigiousLimca Book of Records – 2010
and India Book of records- 2010.

His creation of smallest size Flip Book animation has been included in Limca Book of Records – 2011, , India Book of Records – 2010, World Records India – 2011 Unique World record -2012

His creation of smallest size Desk Calender – 2012 has the honour of getting entry in Limca Book of World
Records – 2012 and India Book of records 2012

He was also the President of Karnataka Cartoonists Association and is a Member of Indian Institute of

Shri Rao has been conducting Cartoon Work shops for the School Children and enthusiastic talents for the past 20 years.
Besides Cartooning Panduranga Rao was a good player of Cricket and also Cricket  Umpire. Plays Shuttle
Badminton regularly.

Panduranga Rao was felicitated with Life Time Achievement Award by the former President of the country Dr
Shri APJ Abdul Kalam at Cartoon Festival – 2011 at New Delhi.

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